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I use PayPal quite frequently and love it, there are no reservations I have in my mind when I use it.

With that said, E5M/psyco6/Cold1/The Corporate Guy, if there is no way for you all to mail a check in, I would be more than willing (if you are) to receiving a check from you to me and using my PayPal to then make the donation. Sharky or another admin could then confirm that the donation was in fact made.

Let me know if that is something you all would be willing to do, there are probably quite a few reservations on your part.

Mav and I had been wanting to donate for a while now, its been hard to find a month when we could give what we wanted to. As of right now, it may not be until Aug 21st that we will be able to make the donation we feel this site deserves from us (hell, we wouldn't be married if it weren't for SOCNET).
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