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Originally Posted by ALLEYCAT-2 View Post
Soot I am looking to bolster what I can offer to a employer. Most of my career has been in LE and the last 6 contracting. I am just working on the next phase as I am no spring chicken and would like one day to hang up my kit and make a decent wage back home. While I know a degree is no guarantee of anything I do know it does have some weight that just might tip the scales in my favor in the right situation.
Sounds good brother.

I never say no to training and that policy has always paid off some way or some how.

I'd also consider Trig's point about an MBA in "Green" Business, or even an MBA in Pharmaceutical Management (Drexel offers an online degree).

Rutgers Business School (on-campus) got ranked really highly last year in grad job placement because they have a strong Pharma program and all the pharma companies were still hiring while Wall Street and the financial houses were battening down the hatches. Doesn't hurt that NJ is like Mecca for big pharmaceutical headquarters.

This is about where my advice on business school comes to an end though because beyond the little information I've already given I'm in way over my head talking about MBAs or the MBA job market.

Good luck whatever direction you head.
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