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An example of follow up...

I just sent this; it was the first thing I did when I return from the Job Fair.

Mr. {His last name},

It was good to meet you today. We met this afternoon at the {Your Company} Job Fair on the {Town Name} Campus of the {County Name} Technical Community College and you requested my resume. You should find it attached. Please follow-up and let me know if you did or did not receive my resume.

Respectfully Submitted,


Maybe a little too short, not sure yet, but I will massage it from email to email.

I will not wear this dude out about follow-up, and did my best to let him know that I was interested and that he would hear from me.

I have a few more to write and I will have to track down some email addresses, most folks were not giving out cards, but will follow-up with everyone that I can find. I wrote down the name of every one that I met and will be sending a similar email before COB today.

I hope this contributes to the thread. The thread has contributed to me and my search for employment!!!

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