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Secfor / GI Bill Courses

Originally Posted by Spectre79 View Post

Were the 4 details you go on kind of tag along protective details or were they mock details for learning and grading?
I am a bit biased as I wrote the course, but I wanted to put my 2 cents in. First off, thank you Lumberjack for the praise.
As far as the mock details go. Most students ask us at the end of the details, if they were working actual clients. It is actually quite difficult to discern between our mock details and actual protective details.

We do details in the middle of the 19 day course unlike most schools that do a grad exercise only. You will be on a team that performs Surveillance Detection duties and then you will be switched to Close Protection for the second half of the day. This give you respect and experience at both positions.

Several days after the mid-class details you will be presented a full PowerPoint Debriefing containing video and/or photos of possible exploitation of your team during the details. At the end of the course you will once again assume a surveillance detection and a close protection role for more details. We generally see a vast improvement from your first details. These missions could include airport pick ups, border drops (we are near Mex), business meetings, lunches, and the like.

Because we are a GI Bill funded program, we were able to put resources into trained role-players, vehicles, med gear, and TCCC labs usually not found in civilian courses. I developed the course for a not-for-profit division of a California College and all instructors, including myself, are on instructor rate only. This allows us to put money into the course as nobody is expecting profit.

We are in the process of launching a pipeline of GI Approved courses that compliment each other.

-19 day High Threat Protection Course
- 8 day Executive Protection Course /Corporate-Celeb
- 6 Day High Risk First Responder w/TCCC cert etc
- 15 High Risk Static

All instructors are former military and all protective and medic instructors have worked extensively in non-permissive environments and in most cases, still do between courses.

Any other questions you can PM me or visit our site
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