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Originally Posted by EightyDeuce View Post
I'm hoping to stay around $5k for the bike but have a little extra I can throw at it if I find one I can't walk away from.

I definitely like the look of the Victory cruisers, the Vegas, Gunner and the Hammer. There is a victory dealer near me where I can sit on some and hopefully get a test ride if I find something that feels right.

Anyone have experience with the Yamaha Star Bolt? It has a similar look as the Sportster.

I've got quite a few to actually sit on and see how that goes, based solely on looks. I'm hoping this will narrow the field down to 1-2 and then I can shop in my $5k range.

HD: Sportster, Low Rider to give a dyna model a shot as recommended
Victory: Vegas, Gunner, Hammer
Triumph: Bonneville, Speedmaster, America
Honda: Shadow
The only thing that's even close to $5K is the Shadow, and you're going used. I sold my VERY low mileage Shadow Spirit for $5500 back in 08, and I took low money to move it. The good news: I reiterate my earlier comments on total cost of ownership. That bike will rarely, if ever, cost you a dime more outside oil/tires/brakes.
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