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I have a 72 hr grab and go kit with a tool box, ammunition, medicine, iodine tabs, stove, candles, lighters everywhere, first aid, and basic camping gear along with several blankets. I live in an apartment with my wife, as such, storage space is limited. We always have extra water, big box of granola bars, canned food on hand. One of the cars tends to have a gas tank full and both have water, granola bars, first aid kit, garbage bags, a multi tool, repair guides, an extra fuel container, jump cables, flash light, etc. The family home in Chicago has much more, but also more people in the area that would rely on support from the home.

I voted less than 1% in my immediate area, but if I consider my extended family members across the country, it would vary significantly. My cousins own convinience stores, as such, if shit hit the fan they would have immediate access to the basics (including their supply rooms).

Others would not be as prepared. Some friends barely have enough food for a day as they're working professionals that don't eat much at home, or aren't home, period.
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