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I was specifically told that if you use 36 months of VocRehab, that you have used up any GIBill benefits, as well. You can only use one or the other.. one gives you 48 months in a 12 year period and the other gives you 36 months in a 10 year period...

I have it written down from them, too... if it's wrong, I can bring it back, but per the PhD that was talking to us (who is a VocRehab Counsellor) the paperwork was given to us as verification of the truth and that covers their ass and my ass to make sure I get all the benefits I'm allowed to...

CV: that's what I was told, too.. they said that becaues I'm not entry level by any means (I'm the Senior SysAd for all ARSOF on a DoD Net), that they have nothing to offer me.. I told them that to be in a position that wouldn't inflame my injuries, I planned on going IA... well.. to be competitive in IA, I need both certifications AND a Master's (as most good IA degrees are only at the Graduate level)... and they said there was really no way.. I'm already in.. they MIGHT be able to help me out to get my Master's, BUT.. I'd have to prove that it inflamed my injuries AND have to quit my job (otherwise it would negate the entire purpose for the program)...

Greenhat: I'll call them, then.. the only person I'm good at nagging is my husband, unfortunately... we'll see how well talents can be reapplied, lol
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