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I like it Dark Helmet -- thanks, and I will try that!

Another random question for the pro's -- during my interview process I sent off thank you letters after each interview, to each person that I interviewed with. All together I sent off a total of five letters to three different people.

So, now that I have been offered the job I assume I should send off thank you letters to all those people again? I assume that, what I don't know or am wondering specifically about is the HR people -- I never sent anyone from HR a thank you letter,, because I never interviewed with them specifically, but I came in regular contact with them during the six week interview process.

No big deal, just wondering what you folks think -- my gut says go for the over-kill and send them all quick, handwritten, thank you letters. This is just an attention to detail matter, kinda like staying up late looking for IP's on your uniforms.

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