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Originally Posted by theWookie View Post
I like it Dark Helmet -- thanks, and I will try that!

I assume that, what I don't know or am wondering specifically about is the HR people -- I never sent anyone from HR a thank you letter,, because I never interviewed with them specifically, but I came in regular contact with them during the six week interview process.

No big deal, just wondering what you folks think -- my gut says go for the over-kill and send them all quick, handwritten, thank you letters. This is just an attention to detail matter, kinda like staying up late looking for IP's on your uniforms.

Semper Fi

How big is HR, and how many people did you deal with? Assuming multiple people I'd go for a bunch of goodies for the crew. It's along the same lines as a thank you card but gets to everyone. In a manner of speaking HR works for you now so the gesture is coming from the new broom which lets them know you're a decent guy, and at the same time it covers the thank you.

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