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Benghazi 2012

Just got to watchin the movie 13 Hpurs, read the book earlier on a flight this summer and saw the interview of the security team also a while back.

When there is a civil war etc, the UN is involved with peacekeepers for years or in some cases decades, Bosnia, Middle-East. For all the shit the UN catches, well at least the peacekeeping helps out in many places.

When everything went south in Libya, I guess this did not warrant an action on the ground by UN/NATO etc. further than SOF/SMU work?

With regards to the actual timeline during the Sept 11 attacks, as the country had already been bombed from the air etc earlier on, who was the ultimate decision maker for not deploying aircraft for even low overflights?

Luckily for the CIA staff, sometimes a few guys in the right place with the right training can be enough.
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