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Originally Posted by CaptainKB View Post
Yeah I tried on the QP, and I do not like how they feel. Do they take getting used to, and are there different sizes? Even if I could get them to fit and be comfortable, I only have the ones that can monitor 153's and another radio, so they're not usefull to me. The USMC is buying that dual comm version, but I have no clue when i'm actually going to see them.
Talk to 2d ANGLICO's comm shop, they have the purchasing info. Thanks to a certain JTAC who had the CO's ear when it came to those sorts of things.

I went down to small earpieces, and had a much easier time. My biggest complaints are 1) donning them, and 2) I went from mounted to dismounted and back again. I am a big fan of vehicle intercom systems, but the QPs that the Marine Corps bought are not compatible with TOCNET or VIC-3. I don't want one headset in the vehicle and another for walkabouts. I want to unplug from the intercom box, plug into my manpack and go. Oh yeah, and compatibility with ICS systems would be nice, too.

One thought - look into McDowell Research's SOCOM-X headset. In the ear active hearing protection, but uses a boom mic like Peltors or Sordins. I would suspect that the boom mike eliminates the need to insert the earpiece until it touches gray matter.

As an aside, I always wanted to check out one of the wearable antennas. Goes inside your SAPI plate pockets, and ranges from 30-512 mHz. I don't know how deep your battalion's pockets are, but the worst they can do is say no, right?
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