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Originally Posted by Pez83 View Post
Hey there,

Curious if anyone has any information regarding Garda in Kabul, more specifically at the Aussie Embassy.

Have recently commenced the recruitment process for static guard commander position and would be really appreciative to speak with someone who has some experience there. In regards to conditions, tax implications and such..

Not many Aussies on this board that are on that gig. Have quite a few mates there. Nothing to complain about, although it does happen, (the complaining). I work with the former Ops Manager on that gig.

Tax - It's not "exempt" due to your being employed by a non-Aussie company, but it does fall under tax-free ATO status being in support of an approved Aussie Govt mission. Confusing? Sure. Get a tax agent with experience and knowledge dealing with that realm.

Food - Good.
Gyms - Good.
Internet - Good.
Workload - Good, but can vary dependant on which specific compound you are on.

Due to them winning the Baghdad contract, there are a few people looking to move over, which could potentially open a few spots for promotion, if you keep your nose clean etc.

Good luck with it.
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