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Re: PSYOP question

Originally posted by Rob_0811

I am currently looking at enlisting in the Guard or Army Reserve. I'm not going back into the Marine Corps Reserve because I don't want to be an artilleryman anymore.

I'm trying to decide whether to enlist as an 11B with the Texas Guard or enlist as a 37B with the PSYOP unit here in Dallas. My question is, are all 37B soldiers assigned to the tactical teams or is that something one would have to compete to get into?


Semper Fidelis,

Only Psyop guys I ran into operated out of the embassy, stayed in 5 star hotels, went into the jungle when they wanted to, and partied all the time. Almost total autonomy. Looked like the dream job- you could be cool and go on patrols with whoever you could build rapport with- or be a slug. Or both.
Ah! The generals! They are numerous but not good for much! - Aristophanes
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