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The 345th is a Tac ABN company. You will be expected to go to ABN school (all soldiers in the unit). They jump every couple of months, send teams to events such as Leapfest, and participate in airshows. The unit has both in house language training conducted by Berlitz type instructors as well as in-residence language training. Many opportunities exist for both FBNC and DLIFLC. (as to who get picked? You need to hear it from the horse.) It is likely given optempo you will find yourself deployed post ABN but prior to a language opportunity. Those boys weren't home for a year (from 10 months in A-stan) when they were hit with another 9 in Iraq. Like many, they also had been bouncing around the balkans, haiti, the ME, and various other trng ops (from cobra gold to bright star to NTC) in the previous years. Several good friends of mine are in the unit and on occasion we still work together. If desired, PM for the contact information for the UA (an E-7 in the unit) - he can put you in touch with anyone you need/desire and answer your questions with a phone call/interview.

Good luck on your decision.
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