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The guy I knew from college rode that fellowship to make the rank of Commander long before our other classmates and was well on his way to flag rank.

Until, that is, his command tour in which had a collision on the Straits of Hormuz and even the contacts made during his fellowship couldn't save him. He retired shjortly thereafter.

As I age, the Laws of the Navy become more and more of a truism....

Now these are laws of the Navy,
Unwritten and varied they be;
And he that is wise will observe them,
Going down in his ship to the sea;
Count not upon certain promotion,
But rather to gain it aspire;
Though the sight-line end on the target,
There cometh, perchance, a miss-fire.
Come for the infosec, stay for the dumpster fires.

God made machine language; all the rest is the work of man.
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