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Originally Posted by Joker View Post
I believe I have a Herniated Disk around the L3 area, pain is all localized to the area and I can feel the lump/bulge on the right side of the spine. Before I go and spend the money on an MRI was wondering if it would also show up on a CT Scan that I had a couple of months ago?

Want to make an apt with the Ortho in the next day or two and wondering if I should get the results of the CT Scan sent to them before the appt.
It may be herniated; but chances are anyone over age 30 likely has a bulging disc, somewhere. L3 generally radiates pain to the front of the legs, the quads. If the pain is localized to that area (L3 area), it could be something else. If pushing on it makes it hurt worse, it could be a facet issue.

CT may show generalities but the MR is the gold standard. If you can get by with the CT imaging and it's "good enough", then you won't need a MR.

Generally, most good surgeons leave these alone and treat symptomatically with steroid injections.
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