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Awesome! Congrats and thank you for your service. True blue hero stuff.

And most folks I know don't know that Air Force has a SOF section or special tactics I think they say not sure. They think they're all like Tom Cruise in Top Gun (Gag) tho that was about Navy pilots. They have no clue how badass the PJs are.

I'm always like "Well if a pilot goes down behind enemy lines who do you think they depend on to get them while they're evading and trying to escape? They all assume the Army gets them (tho I know when a brother is out there you all work toward getting him home). When I tell them about the PJs they all go "hmmmm". no one thinks of the Air Force as being tough or being part of the SOF community.

It's sad how many of of civvies are clueless about those of you guys who keep us safe. Since we haven't served I think it's our duty to first know about all our military, second support them and to pray for them and let them know we're not all assholes and know who guarantees our freedoms.

Thank you to Stt Sparks and to each and every one of you who have worn the uniform or are currently wearing it. Very much appreciated.
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