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Originally Posted by Ret.USMCR.MSgt. View Post
Yaaaaa, I didnít really think my last post would stop the train or leash the dogs. You guys deserve to see false valor phonies squashed. So here is what has happened since. The day after the phone call from the guy in question I got another phone call. This call was from my Lieutenant and Commander (speaker phone). They wanted to know the details of my conversation. I told them the details and to my surprise they want me to press on. Apparently the ball has been rolling on this guy for a while and this new information added momentum. I donít except to see him again at SRT. Iíll keep everyone posted.

Has anyone been able to find out this guys current status (retired, actively drilling, IRR)? My commander was especially interested in that piece. Also we are curious about his rank. He told us he is an E-9.
I sent out an FOIA on him two days ago so it may take a couple weeks. I managed to find out he is attached to the 173rd CES squadron in Selfridge, MI although I'm waiting to hear back from the CC there. I left him a personal message on his cell phone two days also but he may not answer that until drill weekend. We'll ge to the bottom of it. I maintain this is not an innocent excursion into lying. They guy carries a gun and a badge and he's clearly a liar - the implications as my brother already said are huge and not fair to the public. He does not have any place in LE any longer. You can't undo what he did. I sure appreciate your push and following through. I will PM you as soon as I get something back. Hoo Yah!!!
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