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Visiting Kirtland AFB parents would like to visit Kirtland AFB this coming week to view the replica Gruman HU-16B on display there. My dad's brother was a PJ KIA in Vietnam after entering the ocean off the original aircraft helping an downed F-4 crew.

In speaking with the Kirtland AFB access control I would need to physically hand in the sponsorship form for them to visit, and I am located in Georgia. My parents are going on vacation to New Mexico from Ohio and this would mean a great deal to them to visit.

Does anyone have a contact at the Pararescue Recovery Specialist Course, or anyone else on Kirtland AFB, N.M that I could send the form to and would be willing to sponsor them and drop the form off at the Truman Gate? I know with busy lives this is a big ask but apparently me asking AC1 Security Forces guy on the phone to let me verify via encrypted .mil email with a copy of my drivers license, military ID and official passport is not enough to get this done.

I know sponsorship could be hit or miss. They are in their 60s, no record, US citizens by birth.
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