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Originally Posted by WGH0922 View Post
I just read an article on a SOCNET banned pub. Sad. My concern isn't so much on prices for housing but on operational readiness to PACOM/SOCPAC. I wont get into details but I did put in a lot of hard work and mileage that seems all for naught by the "Good Idea Fairy" at MARSOC/SOCOM/HQMC. I'll await 2022 and tap into the guys that are still there to get the pulse on readiness, unit cohesion, family readiness etc...............I don't agree with it, but it won't be the first time I've been wrong.
I can imagine both the readiness and legacy/loss of what is left behind is a big OUCH! Plus the culture shock, dang.

House prices are one thing but inventory would be my concern. They throwing these homes up as fast as trailer parks here, quality to match. Will be helpful to the economy for sure but will be a strain for a few years. Examples like only one BJJ gym and it's already pretty full, nearby places to eat swamped , strip mall fever etc. oh well timing nicely with my departure plan in 2024.
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