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Don't forget about biking as a part of your fitness program. Swimming is great, so is walk/running, too. Biking works different muscles, or the same ones in a different way.

It need not be expensive. Forget all those carbo-titanium exotic tri-bikes. I bought a "comfort bike" from Craig's list for less than $200. It is essentially a relaxed road bike with straight bars, and it's much more comfortable even for an old fat man. You aren't going to race in the Tour of Anywhere, just get good exercise, so you don't need the latest ultra-fancy, incredibly light miracle bike. If you know what you are looking for, you can find good bikes very reasonably priced. I found a Trek, a couple of years old, and in great shape. You must know what size you take, and get a good fit, You need a helmet, gloves, decent shorts and you are set.

There is lots of bike path around here, although it is essentially flat. You can ride up and down the Strand, all over Coronado, and probably all around the Bay with very little exposure to traffic.
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