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Originally Posted by abnrgr1sg View Post
I know a guy who is retired now but is still active in the Ranger Community. A Hall of Famer. He jumped a 727. It is very doable. But he didn't have 200G's strapped on him. Anyone who flies these days probably can't fathom just how easy that would have been in the 70's. Lax screening, you could carry on about anything and get shit faced drunk while you smoked.
I've read where SMU's have a Boeing they jump from the aft ramp, I have no doubt it's doable. But in the early '70's you'd have to have specific knowledge about airspeed (like Cooper did). That makes me think he was .mil or CIA.

But as a MFFJM, just jumping out at a random spot with unknown winds, well, good luck? Jumping a blind DZ with an exact release point, a compas (at a minimum) and map at night, 100% doable. But doing it at some arbitrary point in the sky with no GPS? Lol, have fun with that.
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