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Originally Posted by Hot Mess View Post
But as a MFFJM, just jumping out at a random spot with unknown winds, well, good luck? Jumping a blind DZ with an exact release point, a compas (at a minimum) and map at night, 100% doable. But doing it at some arbitrary point in the sky with no GPS? Lol, have fun with that.
I have had MFF jumps, as I'm sure you have, where the JM was waaaaay off the HARP/RP, and I would have to find a suitable place to land - quite often some very small clearing/holes in the trees. Not that I'm a skyGod - but was always fortunate enough in those situations to end up 30-40 feet up hanging in a pine.

I've ramp jumped out of C-5's a few times - once with weight possibly equivalent to the cash DB had - not a problem either

My point being - if the Hijack god's were with DB just this one time - him landing safely very possibly could have happened
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