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Originally Posted by IronOxFunction View Post

It is a pretty broad question when asking about FMA depending on who you talk to ( Escrima, Kali, Kalis, Arnis ). Louisville is very light for MA and I am not sure why but, it is extremly light on FMA style training.

Don't know if you still care but the IMPACT Academy is gone. Mike Casto moved to Arizona sometime back and took his large amount of skill with him.

I have met Matt from forge fighting once and know of him through another instructor in SIKAL. Seemed like a good guy but as I have not seen his training I can't say for sure what you will find there.

There is also Ignacio Kali up at Louisville MA Acedemy on the east side but I know little to none about him.

If you are into the Hoch Hockhiem stuff, the Krav Maga place that just moved to the south of the city is suppose to be offering some of that soon.

There are a few options around depending on where you want to drive. I live well away from the city with a long commute so I spend my time training at home mostly.

Hope this helps a little.

I have been to many of Hoch's seminars and trained with him. If anyone has a chance to attend his courses I would highly recommend you do.

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