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Originally Posted by cg4139 View Post
Wanting to start with local to go FED-

I think you should look into State Agencies, as it is a bit of the best of both worlds. Do your time, and can try out for SWAT, CID, Aviation- you get to stay in one state as opposed to moving every few years.

In my agency, I've heard being a state guy on a FED detail is the way to go. This guy does none of the paperwork on either end, but gets to do all the chasing bad guys.

I am biased though, and have only worked for a State agency.
Correct me if I'm wrong, you're in Florida? Florida Highway Patrol and Florida Bureau of Investigations would t be bad pathways.

Regarding what cg4139 said, some of the happiest guys are state dudes that are on a Fed Task Force. Like so happy it should be illegal
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