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This year I'm growing the counties biggest deer feeder .
I decided that with my limited growing space, I would concentrate on 3. White acre peas,squash and tomatoes. Next year I'll probably do October beans. That way I'm growing enough to put up. In years past, we did all kinds of diffrent beans/peas/peppers that would come in a diffrent times, almost enough for a meal, or too much, but not enough to put up. I decided to put up 1 a year and rotate.That way I have enough to put up/eat with limited space. I do a lot of canning. Course squash and tomatoes will be an every year thing, gonna try vaccum packing and freezing this year with the squash.
Darn deer are eating green tomatoes. Guess I'll have to thin the herd a little. Dang I hate that.
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