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AK and AR Pistols, thoughts and opinions?

I really hate listening to civilians tell me how good any weapon is. These AK and AR pistols seem to be the big thing right now, but I'd like to get opinions from the forum. Especially anyone with a good deal of experience using them.

I fired about 10 rounds through an AK47 pistol. First thought, "what a large unmanageable, inaccurate...THING." It was heavy. I hit my target, but I've been shooting since I was 8, first fully automatic at 12. I can't see this being a reasonable weapon for most people and think it may just be because everyone has heard of AK47 and AR15. Kind of like people with no experience buying a Glock because it's the only name they've heard in the movies (not to say all you Glock lovers are wrong, I'm just a H&K guy).

What do all the experts out there think?
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