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Originally Posted by DevilDawg View Post
TFG and/or Litepath,

In regards to the Universal Mag Pouch as pictured. Would you simply need a different kydex shell for different types of mags?

Example 1911 one kydex and Springfield XD/Glock a second?

That simple "clip on/off" is quite an improvement over the squeaky metal clips typical to I/OWB holsters.
Yes. Thats all you'd need. In all honesty I simply hadn't gotten around to testing/jigging-up to ensure a ready to ship product as of this date, ie; one double mag pouch and two shells. But that is the plan. So please stay tuned on the Website or FB page when I announce that feature.

And thanks for asking! Without people asking I'd never know anyone would want it.

A bunch of folks do like the easy on/off belt clips. But I do have some repeat diehard-solid-belt-clip customers too, so each Pancake and Double Mag/AR/AK mag pouch comes with hardware to change the easy on/off to solid mount type.
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