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Haha. Yeah. Under beds. It was a crazy find. The rust had me baffled and stumped too. With the rust I took a 4" PVC pipe about 4 ft. long, capped both ends and cut out a longitudinal opening in the center making a PVC-bathtub I could dunk it in. Distilled Vinegar and water killed the rust and left it so I could see the pitting. lots of pock marks from the rust after cleaning.

I used the Dura Coat HK Black. I also bought a new Paasche Air Brush kit since my old Blue Point was fubar. The airbrush was a must have for getting under the sight channel nicely.

After painting, I took 0000 Steel wool and gently buffed over it. Sort of like I was gently-wiping the finish with very little hand pressure.
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