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Originally Posted by iraqgunz View Post
Remington 870. I bought this several years back when I was still in the PRK. It started life as the Desert Recon Tactical or something.

I masculined it after moving to AZ.

Surefire fore-end with LED light.
Side Saddle (Modified with Velcro)
Trijicon Ghost Ring sights.
Vang Comp Big Speed Safety
Factory Remington 14" barrel
Wilson Combat +1 Extension


Nice, almost identical to the 870 that I'm waiting to get a stamp back on, mine was purchased as a Factory SBS that was originally sold to some county jail somewhere. Came with the speed
Feed stock, Surefire foreend, Mesa sidesaddle and such. I ordered the Vangcomp stainless follower and oversized safety. Should be a good scattergun once I finally get a hold of it.
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