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An observation from an outsider: If they do this, I suspect years from now another Raider Batt will be formed to once again reorient on the Pacific. This all sounds much like what happed to 1st SFG(A). The Group IIRC was activated in Japan during the occupation. It deactivated with the end of Vietnam, only to be reactivated in the 80s when the need arose to once again focus on Asia.
So often the story in the press justifies the relocation for various tactical or sound reasons, while in reality it is often the result of (a lack) $$$ or some organization trying to increase control over geographically dispersed elements.
Not for me to judge, but China continues to grow in threat, and the POTUS hasn't solved the issues with NoK and the Muslim threats in Indonesia, et cet. The move lengthens their ToT by 4 hours....
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