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Haint Blue Brewing Company

Hey all,

I know this is out of my lane but I just wanted to pass along an opportunity to support a brother Ranger, MEDEVAC pilot and 160th SOAR pilot as he launches a brewery in Mobile, AL.

I met Keith during an entrepreneur program this past summer and he was instantly one of the most likeable folks I've ever met. I have no doubt he'll be incredibly successful in this endeavor and it will be a great thing to have a piece of.

Funding site:

Funding round will CLOSE on December 9th. Minimum investment is only $150. For revenue share, see below.

Revenue Share
10% of revenues | 1.5X investment amount
Haint Blue Brewing will pay investors 10% of gross revenues until 100% of your principal is returned plus 50% on top. The promissory note is secured by the assets of Haint Blue Brewing Company, LLC.
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