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Originally Posted by Purple36 View Post
With getting older, my hormone levels have completely it is no joke...hormones rule the body and's been a horrible past 2 years for me..seriously. I've been trying everything, researching everything under the sun, and finally decided to do HRT...started last week. Nothing earth shattering yet...but just going to keep on keeping on. I'm on an Estrogen/Progestin patch at the lowest dose...and will consider a T shot in the future if my mojo doesn't return...
Not a girl, but raised three and am married to one.....

Make sure you are religious with the big three periodic tests. My wife who is probably a decade older than you followed a similar course of treatment and is convinced that this lead to her breast cancer (Estrogen and Progesten). No free lunches in getting old.

Guys, if you take a test supplement, keep a watch on your PSA for similar reasons.
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