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For 256 et, al.

Good on that tech to run your hormones after TBI. There's a condition called a benign pituitary adenoma that causes low T in young males (which is a simple surgery to reverse), so it doesn't surprise me that you had a problem after a head injury. What are your Total and Free Test numbers, as well as your SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) and Estrodiol (E2)? Individual responses vary, but 100mg is low for me. I'm at 180mg/week, and you want your trough (the lowest point before your next injection) to be as high as possible in the therapeutic range. My first Doc was a 'regular Joe' who wouldn't budge off of 100mg because I was 500ng/dl - which sucks for TRT because if you're going through the trouble to get Rx'd TRT, why not optimize it? It's like telling a Thyroid patient to only take a smidge of Synthroid - NO, you take enough to be perfect.

If you were told to give blood - you may be genetically pre-disposed to high Hematocrit and RBC from it - that's not a given, my numbers are in range at 180mg. But if you have to, you have to - you help someone else out and feel great at the same time.

If you are not on HCG, DHEA, and Pregnenelone, ask your Doc. HCG is a Leutinizing Hormone (LH) mimetic, and in addition to having receptors all over the body for it (meaning it is needed), it will reverse the testicular atrophy resulting from the exogenous Testosterone (there are two cells in there - Leydig and Sertoli - one makes sperm, the other makes Testosterone - those shrink when you are on TRT). 10 units a day is all you need. But if your Doc doesn't deal with a compounding pharmacy, the name brand stuff is EXPENSIVE! I get mine from Empower Pharmacy out of TX and it's affordable. If you are using insurance though, then I guess it doesn't matter. DHEA and Pregnenlone are OTC supplements - I get mine at Life Extension Foundation. 100mg Preg 2x/day and 25mg DHEA sublingual 2x/day. But check your DHEA with blood work to verify you need it - most after age 40, do.

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