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Originally Posted by Medic4070 View Post
Looking at the different cave diagrams, it looks like their actual depth under water isn't that great. They're far under ground, but that should be air pressure, not water pressure. I think their actual "depth" for their dives would be 10m or less, and their longest sustained dive would be about 400m before surfacing on a high point and trudging to the next sump or flooded area. I'm only a DMT, not a doc or expert, but I'd think their saturation risk and deco risk would be pretty small.
Depends on the cave. Water filling a fixed space compresses the air in proportion to the volume occupied by the water. So say you have a 60-foot high chamber at 1 ATA that gets filled with 30 feet of water. ASSuming there is nowhere for the air to escape, air pressure in the space will now be roughly 2 ATA. Cut the volume of the space occupied by the air in half, and you double the pressure, so after a day in the cave at 2 ATA, they could have a deco obligation simply because they were breathing compressed air at more than 1 ATA. But given the diagram in the article, it's not likely.
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