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Rosetta Stone was too long, too big, at 490 pages: Amazon priced it at $88 for a hard copy. I pulled it.

I split it up into two books, Metamorphosis and Revelation. Both are available on GoogleBooks, so you can preview before you buy. They cost much less. Amazon prices a hard copy of Metamorphosis in black and white at $24.99.

A full color edition is available from Barnes & Noble for $34.99.

EBook editions are much less, priced at $9.99, I believe.

Those few who purchased a hard copy of the original Rosetta Stone now own a rare artifact. I could not live with myself with Amazon charging $88 for that book. My royalty was $10. Amazon was profiteering.

Anyway. The contents of Rosetta Stone are now available as separate books. Check them out on a GoogleBooks to be certain that you want to buy them.

Sorry for the confusion! I am a writer, and not a publisher! And I am not a designer. LOL.

I hope that you like these books! Please leave a review after you read them. Review them anywhere. Google, Amazon, B&N, iTunes.

Thank you!
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