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The Rooster Bar by John Grisham. Novel was ok. Actually would probably make a better movie. Kept me interested and turning the pages. But after finishing and discussing the book with lawyer friend of mine, he was rolling his eyes and saying no way.

Started reading End Game by David Baldacci. After first chapter don't know if can continue....sigh. You would think one of these well known, highly paid authors would have the common sense to go find a special operations veteran, maybe buy them a steak dinner and ask them some questions rather than write stuff less factual than a 1980s B grade action movies. Sigh....

The main character, after taking down 14 terrorists solo with a nuclear bomb at their disposal to take out London, encounters the last obstacle - a woman standing guard with a suicide vest and dead man's trigger. So he pulls out his knife and throws it at her, his thrown knife cutting the wires - thus Abe's the day. Sigh....
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