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Originally Posted by Colonel Flagg View Post
The folks behind "The Big Short" book and movie have been talking about investing in food as a way to invest in water.

I've done some reading on the macro water/food issue before.

Drought played a big role in sparking the dry tinder in Syria.

Could we be caught looking the wrong way with Syria/Iraq/Yemen grabbing headlines if East Africa(Uganda/Ethiopia/etc) upstream from Egypt sees a conflict/crisis spark as a result of drought and/or irreconcilable differences over Nile resources?

I might need to spend less time learning about geopolitics of food/water and more on strategic investment in food/water.
Indeed, the smart money is on water rights, which is what Michael Burry, the genius MD in the book and movie, is now investing in (the Bush family bought 300,000 acres in Paraguay that sits on a pristine aquifer).

I agree with the good Colonel, follow the money.
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