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Originally Posted by ET1/ss nuke View Post
The green glow is actually a myth. If there is a detectable glow, it is blue. People think it is green because of looking at a blue glow through lead-impregnated glass (the lead turns the glass yellow, and blue + yellow = green).
See you can learn new and interesting things on SOCNET. I knew the expression for extreme radioactivity was glow in the dark and truly thought it was just a figure of speech. Never knew there really was a glow.

This will be stored in my trivia box in case I need it on Jeopardy or playing actual trivial pursuit or just to find the right circumstances for dropping it into a conversation. At first Iíll take credit for it then Iíll fess up to having it explained to me by someone in the know regarding nukes & radiation on a cool site full of extremely intelligent and badass SOF folks.


Oh but I did know yellow and blue make green.
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