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Originally Posted by bobmueller View Post
That's....intereresting. Where's the woman to his right from the other clips? Edit: the guy in the white (Navy?) uniform to his left is not in the other clips. I think the YT clip you linked to is an old one, showing a much different response, which makes me even more doubtful about this one.
I think the angles are just quite different to where the parties seen look different. On the link I posted, the man in the uniform that is moved, but looks like his knees are taken out, appears to the left of Maduro, directly above the "ruptly" watermark, but on his right (as you're looking at them) in your link. In your link it's right at the 6 second mark, and is cut to a different clip as it occurs. The same movement is seen in both videos. When I get home tonight I can do screenshots and show you what I'm talking about if need be.
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