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Originally Posted by ET1/ss nuke View Post
You think he pulled an Erdogan?
Originally Posted by Linda1961 View Post
An increase in power & getting rid of anyone who might challenge him either via social media, press, or academia.

Got my tinfoil hat on. Aluminum foil comes in handy sometimes.
Here's the sole problem with the idea that he needs an increase of power: Maduro has every bit of power there is in Venezuela. Opponents can be jailed without habeas corpus, the three branches of gov are run by loyalists, etc. Every viable (<< used for a reason) opponent has been jailed or has already left. The exodus of the wealthy has driven a housing boom in Miami and from Mexico to Peru

The only doubt about Maduro has been with his ability to control a hungry National Guard and Army which by any measure holds the true power in Venezuela.

Distract from internal strife? Certainly, But, to increase hi power? Meh.
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