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Originally Posted by DCH View Post
I gotta say you’re not missing much.- I miss my steamed white rice like Hillary misses her Email server.

As for my wife, she replaced the take-out pizza refrigerator magnets from the fridge door with a Padlock and chain.
LOL! My wife is NOT helping much, I am pretty much on my own. She cooks her Cambodian food, and I cook my own. And of course that involves the rice cooker going conatantly on the counter. Man I would LOVE a bowl of just plain old steamed rice smothered in butter! LOL!

But, she does occasionally make some of her recipes for my consumption. I've just been putting her Curry Beef (YUM!) on top of broccoli instead of, I still have it pretty damn good! It DOES make it a lot easier that she's NOT on the typical american diet and bringing that shit in the house.

I'm also finding that after a few monthes of the strict keto, I'm able to have the occasional "cheat" (like a couple slices of pizza or a few Taco Supremes), and the blood sugar doesn't go crazy for days. Whatever I did, it seems like I must have gotten the "burned-out" cells to be sensitive to the insulin again...and as long as I keep it to only once or twice a week...I can get seem to get away with out without burning them out again. But it took a few months of strict keto to get to that point.

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