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Originally Posted by Scotty View Post
**Warning, there be spoilers here**

Ok, was DRAGGED to this tonight, kicking and screaming. Like some, I watched the show when I was younger and enjoyed it, and the thought of a comedy (like everything else that gets copied; IE: Starsky and Hutch, Wild Wild West *vomit*, The A-Team *wretch*) turned my stomach to no end.

It was not great. I did laugh in a few places, there are one or two scenes that actually make fun of movies that copy old shows "as if we don't remember them" (a line in the movie), but for the most part it was completely predictable, including cameos (like they all do), though some were competely out of the blue. I won't spoil that part.

If someone else is paying, go see it, there are some chuckles. Don't expect it to be ANYTHING like the TV show. AT ALL. ZILCH. Oh, but some folks actually die in it, which redeems the comic aspect of the show a bit. Otherwise, I suggest waiting for it to stream on NetFlix or come on HBO.

IMO, the best of these types of movies are the ones where they get it as close as they can to the original. That's where the comedy lies. I thought Starsky & Hutch was pretty damn funny, and a lot of that was because they pegged the characters very well. When Ben Stiller came out of his apartment wearing the belted sweater coat and watch cap, I remember seeing the original Starsky wearing the same outfit and busted out laughing. The kids in the theater looked at me like I was an idiot, because they didn't get the joke, but I could hear other adults in the audience laughing at the same stuff I found funny.
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