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Originally Posted by poison View Post
Yes, both guard cards and exposed permits are exceedingly easy to obtain. Both are a complete snooze-fest, minus the aforementioned comedic range-time with your 'peers'.

Unfortunately, reocation is not part of the package. We'd never forcibly move someone to Los Angeles.
Thanks for the shout back. I am back to the dark side of the world in a week or so anyway.

Related to your "peers" comment...several years back I took the PA Act 235 class. When it came to the range qual the intructor asked if I could give him and his partner a hand controlling the rest of the students, as it was a large class. I ageed to lend a hand. He asked "Do you have a vest?" I responded that I did. He said "Good. Wear it." He was not wrong. One of the scariest range sessions I have ever done, including Afghans and Iraqis.

Good luck with the search...
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