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Originally Posted by Fu King Lawyer View Post
Have you filed a Public Records Request (Chpt 119 F.S.) for a copy of the polygraph materials - with both the college/academy as well as with the contracting agency who performed the poly exam? A request for everything including the charts, audio/visual recordings, poly questions, statements, reports, test charts, any "scoring" done by the examiner, examiner's conclusions, notes, everything related to your exam? Normally, there is a quality control review of exams and any reviews can be requested. Don't forget that the examiner may have taken stuff back to his agency that he didn't provide to the school so one simple request to the school may not get you everything.
I have not, but that is a good idea. I paid for this poly, so I should be allowed a copy.

I don't know if there is a polygraph policy posted online anywhere for this academy, but I'll certainly look.

I was actually wondering if I could appeal to the academic dean or someone, but I was hesitant because the academy and the school could be separate entities, even though they share a name, etc.

I'm going to call the school right now and see if I can get the ball rolling on getting a copy of everything.
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