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whats up with that website?

Lots of their articles come from Iranian "science"

like this and and this one and this. but it gets really interesting in this one where it says
The ruling Jewish elite has struggled to attempt to make global warming into a popular issue, but it has obviously remained something that only an elite minority believes in, cares about or even thinks about. So when they cause a massive inconvenience to normal people’s lives in the name of this hoax, and the people revolt, the only actual solution is to lecture the people.
or this one where it says
The dark horse of the New World Order is not communism, socialism or fascism, it is technocracy, according to economist and financial analyst Patrick Wood.

(Actually it's Zionism but MSM not allowed to say that)

He joined guest host Jimmy Church (email) to
very interesting group of articles .. all the more interesting when you look at where they come from and the editorial content in them.

I know this is a thread about awesome bush planes, and the video is awesome, but what the hell is up with the rest of it?

- Local
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