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It sounds similar to my current work as a Private Investigator. I imagine you probably work in teams of 4-5 or more so it shouldn't be that easy to lose someone, right?

I deal with mostly individual clients and they can only afford 1, possibly 2 people on a surveillance. We lose people all the time, it is the nature of our business because it is better to lose someone then to get burned, but I would imagine losing someone in an FBI operation would be detrimental to the operation in most respects.

Oh, and in California, GPS can't be used unless the registered owner of the car is also the client or the lessor or lessee. I would love the opportunity to slap on GPS trackers but in the last 3 years, I have worked 1 case per year with the GPS tracking device. I am looking at it right now, sitting in the box, unused.

Best of luck to you, surveillance is what you make of it and it helps to have a partner who you get along with so that you won't be bored or a good self-help CD or talk program to keep your mind focused on the task at hand.

Just my two cents!
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