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Originally Posted by Soot View Post
Understand that I'm going to a top rated school, in a major metropolitan area, and attending all my classes on-campus - - - and I still found the people I met to be more influential on my future career options than the degree itself. Businesses should literally be throwing jobs at me (as there are plenty available in my field) but I didn't even know many of them were available until I got to meet some people.

In my case, however, I decided to pursue the degree in conjunction with a mid-life career shift so I had zero solid contacts in my new professional community and very few friends or acquaintences who were even peripherally involved in or with my profession. . . .

if you'll be starting at square one in a new field, or an old field in a new geographic area, you might want to think about the networking benefits of an on-campus Masters.

This is a great point. I will say, to support this, that my cohort was geographically situated about the four winds. I had little time to meed face-to-face with the people in my cohort. We're potentially great friends, mind you, but the distance between all of us is a great factor. And, expect to have more in common with these folks than those around you in your undergrad, if you're military type. Double that factor if you did your undergrad post-military, with a modicum of reality behind you.
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