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Originally Posted by Ex-PH View Post
I appreciate it, thanks. Do any of the schools you researched offer full time online programs? I'm a single dad, so finding time to do the brick and mortar route is a bit difficult.
I have narrowed down my search to three online-ish programs. Duke Fuqua, UNC Chapel Hill Kenan-Flagler, and Carnegie Mellon University Tepper. All three are rated as top 16 schools (different ratings depending on the reviewing group), all three have pretty solid ROI with respect to starting salaries for graduates, and all three have a pretty strong 'purchase' price as well.

Each teaching model of the three is different but the common theme is the acknowledgement of the growing online movement. Many folks who want to continue their degree can't or will not leave their job to pursue higher education.

CMU requires part-time hybrid students to visit the Pittsburgh campus every seven week for a weekend immersion filled with all sorts of learning events. The rest of the seminar is conducted online via a WebEx type platform. CMU has a strong historical reputation (think Andrew Carnegie) and differs in their teaching methodology using analytic driven modeling versus what most MBA programs use, the case method model.

Duke offers the Cross Continent MBA which takes you all over the world to globally hot market-places once ever eleven or so weeks. Like CMU and UNC Chapel Hill, the rest of the time is spent on an online platform. The total for a Duke CCMBA is right up there with Harvard, Wharton, Booth, etc. Expect the price tag for the 18 month course, international plane tickets and time away from work, to be around $150k. However, If I remember correctly, over 70% of students receive some type of financial assistance (grants, tuition waivers, etc).

UNC Chapel Hill's Kenan-Flagler school of business offers the only mostly true online program from the group I've looked into. I say mostly true because over the 20-36 months of the program you are required to attend at least two national or international conferences. All three are global in scope and have pretty solid reputations. There are many more online programs available but the ones above are the three that I've exclusively focused on. If you are any SOCNETers have questions, ping me via pm and I'll help pass along what I've learned.
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