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Hi guys,

Im a former Recon Marine (2003-2007 enlisted AD) and I'm in my last semester of college. I'm looking at CCT but going in as an officer instead of enlisted. My main questions are;

1. As an officer would I miss out on operating and training like the enlisted guys. I'm thinking yes but I have heard otherwise.

2. As an officer, if qualified, is there a contract CCT option.

I've talked to a recruiter but he may have been slightly retarded and I gained zero knowledge from him other than they appear to have alot of slots open for CCT/PJ. Oh and he said something like I can join up and look super cool like the guy on the Transformers movie, while trying to slip in an enlisted contract fill out with the usual hollywood pamphlets. I'm aware of the whole dumb Marine stereotype (maybe not so much a sterotype) but does he seriously take me for a fuckin fool? lol

Any guidance and advice would be most appreciated!
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